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Kody A. Trauger
Site Owner
About Me

Kody is the owner and founding artist of Living Pixel Studio. He writes creative computer code to generate interactive images and visuals. 

He holds a MPS from the Interactive Telecommunications Program in the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and holds a degree in Gender and Sexual Identity Development from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study.

Kody lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Artist Statement:

My art practice aims to highlight the unique details of my subjects by writing computer algorithms that create and/or alter pixels within photographs and video streams. I explore minute differences and similarities of hue, saturation, and luminosity by revealing and enhancing captivating visual forms within the original images I manipulate. The resulting visuals become fine-art digital prints that approach composition, color, and aesthetic on the most granular of levels. The details of my process can be seen in my pixelated abstract prints and more broadly in my photo-realistic works. Additionally, I advance my technical skills by experimenting in visual exercises that are solely computer generated.

My theory of self is essential to Art Of Your Influence and important to my overall art practice. I believe there are three perspectives that make a person unique. These are how a person understands themselves, how publics (both personal and structural) interpret a person, and how the subconscious and intangible qualities of the mind and body envision a person. Examples of this third perspective include spirituality, energies, vibes, instincts and emotional chemistry. Furthermore, the context and setting of an artwork will influence all three of these perspectives just as the context and setting of where a person is influences their understanding of self. Each perspective impacts how someone interacts and engages with a piece of artwork, therefore, Art of Your Influence intentionally engages owners from all perspectives. 



The Captures


The Splendid Pixelist


bryon carr
About Me

Bryon Carr holds an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts and has trained, taught and performed throughout the U.S. and Europe. In NYC he has worked with White Wave Rising, Popo and GoGo Boys, Young Soon Kim, The Graham Ensemble, Chen and Dancers and The Erick Hawkins Dance Company. In 2002 he began showing mixed-media work throughout New York City in venues such as; Dance New Amsterdam, Dixon Place, Joyce SoHo, The Wave Rising Series and Chashama. Outside of New York, he has shown in Seattle, Boston and Berlin, Germany.

Artist Statement:

As a multi-media dance artist I express the human condition through body language, sound, light and color. My choreography is a fluid blend of balletic, mechanical and disjointed progressions that occasionally incorporate pedestrian and vocal elements. Like a painter, I aim for both good composition and a clear sense of intention. My works invoke a science-fiction aesthetic while taking a tongue-and-cheek view at social issues such as, success, pollution and patriotism to name a few. Periodically, I collaborate with other artists to share ideas and learn different perspectives of the creative process.



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