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Art of Your Influence

Pricing Arrangements

  • Quote
    • This will include the estimated price of the work plus itemized estimated costs from third parties if requested.
  • Contract
    • This is a legal document in which Living Pixel Studio and you agree to the terms outlined. This is intended to protect both you and the studio.
    • Living Pixel Studio uses a secure electronic contract signing service. You will receive a copy of the completed contract.
  • Invoice
    • This will include the final price of the work plus the specific prices of third party services.
  • Payment
    • Living Pixel Studio accepts payment via PayPal which allows you to pay using your PayPal account or using any major credit card should you not have a PayPal account. Additionally, PayPal offers BillMeLater, a free service that lets you pay $0 upfront and zero interest if paid in full within a certain timeframe.
    • 50% of the quoted price is due at the signing of the contract as a down payment. The final price listed on the invoice, minus your down payment, will be due within 48 hours upon receipt of the artwork. Should you choose to pay using BillMeLater, two transactions will need to be authorized with the service.
  • Receipt
    • Your artwork will be shipped using USPS Priority to the address you provide if the works are unframed. UPS will be used for framed artwork.
    • Included in the shipment will be:
      • signed and dated primary Art of Your Influence print
      • signed and dated complementary print
      • certificates of authenticity for both
      • data sheet showing exactly how your uniqueness was incorporated
    • Should the works arrive damaged, Living Pixel Studio will offer a replacement at no additional cost. To ensure originality of the prints, please ship the damaged print back, the cost of which will be refunded to you. Living Pixel Studio will then destroy the damaged print. Returns are not accepted for any other reason.

Pricing Factors

  • Time of the artist to create the works
  • Size of the final artworks
  • The amount of unique details collected and included in the artwork.
    •  Gathered over an one hour meeting.  A longer period (and therefore more detail) is possible for an additional cost.
  • Specific requests such as color, subject, composition, etc.
  • Timeframe requested
    • The standard turnaround is approximately 1 month but expedited requests are possible.
  • Travel expenses if applicable
    • Should you wish to commission a work outside of a location accessible by public transportation in the New York City area, Kody’s room, board, and transportation expenses will be included in the quote and final invoice.
    • Reasonable, safe, and reliable lodging and transportation will be used.
  • Framing services
    • Living Pixel Studio uses Archival premium frames are approximately $100 to $350
  • Shipping and handling costs
  • NY state residents will be charged the appropriate sales tax
  • Typically, quotes for unframed works are between $200 and $450, excluding travel expenses if applicable.

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