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Art of Your Influence

The overall approach used to collect unique qualities of the commissioner is reflected in the graphic to the left. The inner squares represent three interlinking perspectives of a human being. These are how a person understands themselves, how publics (both personal and structural) interpret a person, and how the subconscious and intangible qualities of the mind and body envision a person. Examples of this third perspective include spirituality, energies, vibes, instincts and emotional chemistry. Furthermore, the context and setting a person is in, represented by the grey diamond, influences all three of these perspectives. Kody intentionally engages commissioners with this theory in mind to create a more holistic visualization of their uniqueness. This is the foundation in the process of creating an Art of Your Influence work. 

Step 1) Arrangements

  • The first step in commissioning an Art of Your Influence work is to contact the owner of Living Pixel Studio, Kody Trauger. Initial one-on-one communications will provide an opportunity to have any and all questions answered. Kody is best reached through email: or this form.
  • Kody will provide you with a quote for the work  based on the details discussed.
  • You can decide to continue in the process and officially commission a work or decline to continue. If you accept the quote, you and Kody agree to the details of the commission as listed in the terms and conditions on the quote and included addendum. 

Step 2) Identifying Your Uniqueness

  • You and Kody will arrange a time to meet in-person. This meeting lasts approximately 1 hour and is best held in the room in which you want your artwork to be hung. 
  • Kody will ask you a series of questions, prompt you with a series of drawing exercises, and collect bits of your bio-metric data. He also will take snapshots of the space and other artwork on your walls. Furthermore, he will make behavioral and physical observations and you will answer questions via an online survey 24-48 hours after Kody departs. This meeting is an opportunity to make specific requests regarding the final artwork.
  • Kody’s data collection process is the core of capturing your uniqueness and is influenced by his theory of self. He will capture unique qualities of you by recording information about your mental, physical, and subconscious selves as seen from multiple perspectives. You can read more about his theory in his bio.

Step 3) Creation

  • Kody will interpret your unique qualities and determine how they will impact your artwork and his creative process. His photographic and computer coding processes are influenced through both subjective and mathematical interpretations of what makes you unique. Each of these influences are then organized into a data chart. Review this example data chart.
  • Using your data chart as his guide, Kody will take a photograph that is influenced by your uniqueness. He will access the pixels in that photo and manipulate, construct, and alter them. His computer code will directly contain mathematical expressions of your uniqueness. The end result will be an image that is an interpreted portrait, a visual expression, and an engaging representation of what makes you original.
  • In addition to creating the primary Art of Your Influence work, Kody will zoom in on one small area of the final image and capture an abstract area of pixels. This capture will be a close-up of Kody’s pixel manipulation and his exploration of color that you have influenced. The image is a complement to the primary work and you will receive it as an additional print.

Step 4) Printing and Finishing

  • The primary and complementary works are printed from a professional inkjet printer using the highest quality archival paper and inks. The prints are guaranteed to last multiple generations.
  • The primary print will never be printed again so you will own the one and only original. You will receive the first of 8 editions of the complementary print.
  • Kody can arrange with a third party to have your artwork framed, otherwise, your artwork will be sealed in an archival plastic sleeve and shipped in a rigid tube.

Step 5) Receipt

  • In addition to your signed and dated primary and complementary prints, you will receive certificates of authenticity and a copy of your unique data chart showing exactly how your uniqueness influenced the works and process. These documents will be printed using archival inks on high-quality papers.
  • A final invoice will be sent to you and you will be able to provide feedback via an online survey about the process.

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